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Hydrogen water makes you younger than before

The daily activities will inevitably cause some damage to our skin. The mobile phone radiation such as computer, ultraviolet rays, can promote skin aging. And skin care products for a long time to maintain it will also cause some anti effect to the skin. So easily skin aging, hydrogen rich water is definitely the best choice in Japan. Young women in the habit of drinking water water hydrogen hydrogen, with the remaining on the face moisturizing cosmetic, a better way is to use hydrogen water as a mask, can get a better cosmetic effect. If the dose from simple point of view, can be used directly to obtain the local hydrogen concentration is higher, can obtain a better protection effect.

 Had said South Korean scholars have antagonistic effect on human skin wrinkles hydrogen water bath, this study used the animal model further proved this effect. A South Korean research team reported that the "hydrogen water" mice to bath, skin damage caused by ultraviolet radiation to has ideal curative effect, the treatment effect of this and reduce the oxidative damage and inflammatory reaction. They also found that the antioxidant hydrogen of mouse skin after bath in the water (such as glutathione) content increased.


Ultraviolet rays can cause skin damage, serious still can cause DNA damage and even induce skin cancer. The skin damage caused by ultraviolet radiation is mainly oxidative damage and inflammation, so the antioxidant treatment of UV skin damage is a choice, but a sort of antioxidant to enter cells, limits the use of many antioxidant substances.

While the hydrogen as a selective antioxidant, special breathing hydrogen injection and drinking hydrogen solution can treat a variety of oxidative and inflammatory related diseases. Recently, a team from the Nanjing Medical University also proved that the injection of hydrogen rich saline treatment for this type of skin injury. There are comments that the two are essentially study hydrogen against UV skin damage, that drinking hydrogen rich water or hydrogen rich water bath wash can effectively play the antioxidant, anti-aging effect.