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Why hydrogen water can anti-aging antioxidant

Sell well in Japan for ten years, sales of more than 2 million 100 thousand, while in the United States, South Korea, Canada and other countries to sell active hydrogen water , through clinical research in Japan for more than 9 years, for diabetes, cancer, skin diseases, allergies, cosmetic and anti-aging has preventive and therapeutic effects of powerful, is the strongest at present the world found that the antioxidant reducing agent can effectively remove body toxins, inhibit the occurrence of disease, Japanese was called the "holy water", this is the real revolution in water

misunderstanding one: that water is more pure the better because the human body is slightly alkaline, while the pure water is a weak acid, if long-term drinking acidic water in the environment will be destroyed, will also increase the loss of calcium. For the elderly, especially those who suffer from cardiovascular disease, diabetes in the elderly, children, pregnant women for a long time drinking. Correction: pure water drinking reduced immunity.


Misunderstanding two: think water minerals and trace elements more water contains minerals species and content is a standard, lack of immune function of human body will decline, over - cells of the body will be hurt. In addition, geomagnetic, burst, geothermal and other conditions, the activity of water. Only give natural activity is very strong, with the amount of minerals and trace elements needed by the body of water, can really give you the