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Hydrogen rich water cup and hydrogen rich water machine

Hydrogen rich water machine, the difference between hydrogen cup


1, have the function of electrolyzed water to produce hydrogen rich water


2, hydrogen rich water machine, suitable for families, hotels and other fields


3, hydrogen rich water machine, the use of drinking water, the general capacity of about 1-2 liters, suitable for home use


4, hydrogen rich water, a lot of voltage ratio of hydrogen rich water machine low capacity rechargeable, in 300-500ML, to achieve portability, hydrogen rich drinking water for individuals and families whenever and wherever possible, and the price is relatively cheap. For we usually at home or office drinking.


Hydrogen rich water dispenser and water cup is an important member of hydrogen products


Hydrogen products fromthe appearance of hydrogen containing products, can be capsules, gas, hydrogen rich water and so on. Hydrogen rich water dispenser, hydrogen rich water cup, due to cheap, high frequency of use, is the star in the hydrogen product family