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Why don't you just drink tap water


I believe you have seen the Japanese film or TV series, right?

There are similar to the scene to take the cup to the water,

In fact, this is absolutely commonplace in Japan

However, in other countries, it is difficult for you to come to this scene,

So why can't you just drink tap water?




Other countries have not yet reached the direct drinking water,

Can be divided into the following points:

1, tap water is disinfected by chlorine, but also can not make tap water to meet drinking water standards, and there are more microorganisms

2, after chlorine disinfection, chlorine and other harmful chloride residues in the tap water

3, the tap water pipe and to achieve the standard of drinking water, transport process is easy to be contaminated

4, the water is not strictly limited, the nature of the water is not good enough, microbial indicators are not ideal

5, pollution is increasing, while the treatment of diving technology is relatively backward


The above is the main reason that our country can not drink tap water directly



In life, is to boil water before drinking,

Or install a water purifier,

Through high-tech, to solve the problem of drinking water can not be directly,

Or most of them now buy bottled water to satisfy their thirst for water

And what you need now is a cup that makes the water more healthy,



Olansi hydrogen rich water cup is a good choice

To make life more healthy hydrogen, so that drinking water is safer!