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Electrolytic water cup capable of quickly producing hydrogen

Hydrogen rich water glass is a device for generating hydrogen rich water. To produce hydrogen by electrolysis technology. After a large number of studies have shown that hydrogen has the effect of adjuvant therapy of various diseases, so the market began to appear on the hydrogen product, simple device of hydrogen rich cup is one of the most effective electrolytic hydrogen.



Effect of hydrogen rich water cup on human body


Brain: to improve memory and attention, the removal of heavy metals, to prevent the occurrence of stroke


Heart: carry hydrogen rich molecules to generate bioelectricity, to support the heart beat, improve heart rate


Kidneys: prevent dehydration, electrolyte balance, blood pressure, uric acid, and kidney stones


Small intestine: to solve the problem of the stomach, to avoid constipation, colon detoxification and avoid colon fermentation. Blood vessels: strengthen the blood vessel wall, improve blood circulation, increase the penetration force, appear to have atherosclerotic plaque sclerosis