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Is it true to treat diabetes with hydrogen rich water cups?

1, diabetes can not or very little insulin secretion, then take the hydrogen water will have no effect


2, despite the fact that many people take a lot of hydrogen rich water, their blood sugar is relieved, they return to normal, and the function of insulin is normal. The hypoglycemic drugs are not used, but there is no guarantee that hydrogen rich water is available to every diabetic patient


3, it is now believed that the principle of action is the anti-inflammatory response, reduce inflammation, reduce oxidative damage

4, there is a large number of studies have shown that hydrogen rich water carrying hydrogen, does have a clear role in disease prevention and health prevention


Up to now, there have been nearly more than 2 thousand papers on hydrogen biology and clinical medicine in the world. It shows that hydrogen has effect on the 177 diseases


Pure hydrogen cup is pure hydrogen into the water, the high concentration of ozone and chlorine free hydrogen water, hydrogen water has been accepted by mainstream researchers