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Hydrogen rich water can antioxidant

Oxidation is the biggest threat, skin aging and sun, pressure, environmental pollution, free radicals can be spread, resulting in looking bleak, water and other oxidation. The body aging due to oxidation, the physiological role of 90% above our bodies need oxygen in biology called "redox reaction".


In addition to the normal body oxidation reduction reaction of reactive oxygen species, such as the pressure of life, environmental pollution, ultraviolet radiation, electromagnetic radiation, smoke, fumes, pesticide residues and other external stimuli, but also easily lead to excess oxygen free radicals, redundant free radical attacking genetic DNA cells, oxidative damage to DNA has been increasingly accumulated. It is a major cause of aging and age-related degenerative diseases.


The woman must own beauty. Whenever and wherever possible hydrogen rich water is a kind of Anti Japanese new old and young state of healthy drinking water. We often envy the Japanese women delicate pink skin, with their strong sense of maintenance very relationship. They take care to play to the extreme, medical discoveries of hydrogen rich water use hydrogen molecules can balance the body of free radicals, daily drinking will slow down their speed of aging.


Daily maintenance of hydrogen rich water with the mask is also very good collocation. Every time when the mask, pour a little hydrogen rich water in a container, then put the mask soaked in it, we must ensure that the amount of hydrogen rich water, the best can make the mask fully sucking. In this way, can make double mask effect, i.e. skin and slow aging, really serve two.