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People are made of water

People are made of water

In fact, this is also true

Water accounts for about 70% of the body

Drinking water is essential to everyone's daily action


Many people believe that water is thirsty, thirsty to add water, in fact, it is easy to cause dehydration of the body, the following common diseases are also closely related to water shortages:


Dizziness fatigue

The human brain is 75% water, water shortage is the first to affect the brain, if the body of water is too small, it will make people feel tired, unresponsive



Cardiovascular disease is the world's highest rates of the disease, the disease early without feeling, hidden is very high. But as long as the incidence of major diseases. The main reason is the heart cerebrovascular disease is atherosclerosis, blood viscosity, viscosity, poor mobility, narrowing of the blood vessels, and the cell is the main cause of water shortage.


Skin disease

In the dry autumn, winter, a lot of people will appear dry skin itching and other issues. This is because the air is dry and easy to take away the moisture on the surface of the skin, the skin barrier function caused by weakening



Metabolic function, water supply is not timely, or poor water quality, can not nourish the cells, so that the content of potassium in the blood is too high, and can not be adjusted in time, it will lead to increased blood pressure



People rely mainly on the intestinal absorption of nutrients. Once the water shortage, the second half of the intestinal peristalsis will slow down, the water is absorbed by the intestinal tract, feces will lose the water of the lubricant, piled up in the body, resulting in constipation


Renal calculus

Inadequate water intake and urine concentration is too high, is one of the reasons of calcium salt formation and deposition of uric acid in kidney tissue. If uric acid crystals, there will be a new deposition of urate granules is more and more big, and ultimately the formation of cells blocking phenomenon. Infection of urine formation, will also accelerate the kidney stones.



When the body is short of water, it is easy to lead to abdominal wall tightening, the body will appear "appendicitis" symptoms, such as no persistent vomiting, 40% of the right lower abdominal pain are pseudo appendicitis caused