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How to use a hydrogen rich drinking cup

Notice of use


1. cleaning this product for the first time 2-3 times



2. can not use except mineral water, drinking water, bottled water outside of any material, including brine, juice, soy milk, beer, beverages, tea and other liquids, such as an accident, responsibility


3. our rich cup with advanced materials, with water washing function, wash every 20 days once.



4., the temperature of drinking water is best at normal temperature, such as winter, the temperature is controlled at 40-60 degrees Celsius, it is best not to use boiling water, so as not to damage the product!



5. please keep the product dry and clean. Please don't disassemble or repair the product if it breaks down



6. hydrogen can prevent, improve, alleviate a variety of diseases already have a lot of scientific basis, but please do not substitute this product for drugs. There are diseases, please find a regular hospital, professional doctors timely treatment!